Instructional Design

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Tackling food waste

This design document outlines objectives, content, and structure of an Articulate Rise instructional training focused on reducing consumer food waste.

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Interview Strategies

A design document for a training focused on improving the interview process by hiring managers and human resources interviewers, so quality candidates are added to the team in a reasonable timeframe. 

Allyship in the workplace

This design document outlines objectives, content, and structure of a vILT training focused on helping employees recognize their privilege and teaching them to be effective allies.

Additional Deliverables:

Safety practices for on-farm anaerobic digestion systems

A storyboard outlining the key steps including visual display, slide text, narration, and interactivity for an Articulate Storyline safety training on anaerobic digestion systems.

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Utilizing inclusive language in email

A storyboard outlining the step-by-step video tutorial created with TechSmith Camtasia on how to implement inclusive language into work emails. This course provides a learning objective and various tools in a simple, yet effective way to ultimately enhance the communication in the workplace and create an environment that recognizes and respects colleagues' diversity.

Additional Deliverables:

intersectionality in the workplace

A storyboard outlining an informational Vyond video that equips employees with the knowledge and tools to identify and address the unique experiences and needs of individuals in their workplace who may face multiple layers of discrimination. This module provides learning objectives and the tools companies need to create a more inclusive and supportive environment, where all employees feel valued and empowered.

Additional Deliverables: