About Me

Hey, I'm Jessica.

I empower learners through purposeful instructional design.

As an instructional designer with a degree in photojournalism, I bring a unique perspective to the field. My background in visual storytelling and capturing the essence of narratives has honed my problem-solving skills and ability to break down complex problems, identify root causes, and develop creative solutions.

I approach instructional design with a curious mindset, constantly asking questions and seeking innovative solutions. I thrive on continuous learning, always eager to expand my knowledge and apply it to create engaging and meaningful adult learning experiences.

Effective collaboration is at the core of my work. I thrive on fostering genuine connections with colleagues, subject matter experts (SMEs), and stakeholders to ensure that our solutions cater to diverse audiences within the organization. By working together, we not only create impactful outcomes, but also derive mutual satisfaction and growth from the collaborative process. My goal is to contribute to and uplift the teams I am a part of, while also cherishing the support and camaraderie offered by others.

I reside in the coastal gem of Monterey, California, where my partner Nic and I share our home with a mischievous trio of black cats, a charming flock of chickens, and a yard that dances with a kaleidoscope of wildflowers.

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