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Safety practices for on-farm anaerobic digestion systems

An interactive Articulate Storyline course for new operators of an anaerobic digestion system. This module addresses safety hazards that exist and best practices to avoid them when converting manure and organic residuals into energy using AD technology.

Highlights: Triggers, Tab Interactions, Knowledge Check, Accordion, Flip Cards, and a 5-Question Quiz.

Additional Deliverables:

Tackling Food Waste

This Articulate Rise module increases awareness of food waste in the U.S. and its impact on food security, the environment, and climate change by providing context on what food waste is, who the biggest contributors are, and steps to reduce individual food waste. Learners will be able to play an active role in reducing their food waste, monthly food expenses, and ultimately, their carbon footprint.

Highlights: Flashcard Grids, Tabs, Short Video, Knowledge Checks, Accordion, Sorting Block, Process Block, and a 5-Question Quiz.

Additional Deliverables:

Preventing bullying in the workplace - branching scenario

An interactive Articulate Storyline branching scenario for workplace employees. This scenario addresses bullying in the workplace and allows learners to make choices and navigate through different paths based on their decisions, leading to different outcomes and consequences. Branching scenarios increase engagement and retention by immersing users in a realistic context.

Tools used: Articulate Storyline, Amazon Polly, Canva